AI-powered for a More Secure Campus

Current Situation of Campus Security

Campus Management
  1. Deficient security personnel, heavy foot traffic, limited ability to deal with problems.
  2. Campus entrances, dormitory buildings and other areas are often mixed with non-school personnel
  3. Low efficiency and poor results because student attendance and teacher attendance management mechanism has not been updated for many years
Conventional Video Surveillance
  1. The attention of the monitoring personnel cannot be concentrated for a long time, and it is impossible to monitor each video
  2. Passive monitoring, can not prevent in advance
  3. Difficult to analyze large data
1. 1 x System
Face recognition technology + deep learning algorithm + big data analysis
2. 3 x Guards
School entrances + important aisles and places + classrooms and dormitories...
3. N x Applications
Access control + dormitory management + quick tracing +...