Intellect-powered surveillance installed at Spanish stadium

Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero is a large football stadium in Elche, Spain. The complex regularly plays host to a number of athletic and entertainment events that draw large crowds.

Due to unfortunate incidents and repeated altercations involving aggressive fans, stadium management decided to install facial recognition in order to filter out known troublemakers.

The system envisioned by stadium management went far beyond that, however:

Installation of high-resolution cameras to monitor areas with the most fan activity and perform facial recognition at distances exceeding 100 meters (328 feet).
Access control via license plate recognition.

In September 2013, the start-of-the-art Intellect Enterprise PSIM software platform fr om AxxonSoft was chosen to meet the stadium's security needs.

Axxon Intellect is modular software for building integrated security systems of any level of complexity. A key differentiator of Intellect from competing products is the ability to adapt Intellect-powered systems to the needs of specific projects, independent of system size or industry. The modular architecture allows clients to select only the features they need to build an effective system that is tailor-made for the security needs of a particular site. Clients receive a robust system with a finely honed feature set at minimal cost.

AxxonSoft offers a comprehensive, multifunctional solution that ensures safety and security at major sporting facilities. Intellect-based systems enable efficient incident investigation, but even better, help to prevent incidents before they even happen.

Results and Outlook
Given the power and affordability of Intellect, the reasons for the client's choice become clear: with minimal upkeep costs, stadium management gained a professional-grade security system that is easy to use and scale out as needs increase.

Stage 1 of the project has already been completed, with approximately 50 cameras installed by Akra Live Soluciones IT providing gap-free surveillance of all zones of the stadium.

Cameras in the stadium stands collect information on who is sitting there and provide awareness of wh ere visitors are located at any given moment. Attempts to evade stadium staff via disguise or changing seats will no longer work: the information collected on entry plus continuous surveillance of seating areas allow identifying a troublemaker in just minutes.

During the next stage of the project, Intellect-powered facial recognition will be installed. Axxon Intellect has already passed preliminary on-site trials and has shown itself to be an effective tool for spotting and tracking groups of unruly fans even before they enter the stadium.

Our Partner
Akra Live Soluciones IT is renowned on the Western European IT market as a reliable and skilled partner. The company works with world-leading security hardware manufacturers and specializes in integration projects involving video surveillance, access control, fire/security alarm systems, and more.