Camera Accessory


GBBP-3HA Explosion-proof intelligent infrared camera apparatus of integration design can meet the following Ⅱ C gas
group ( Typical for hydrogen, acetylene, ethylene, coke oven gas, dimethyl ether )etc A special environment, With its
manufacturing GB3836.1 ~ 2-2000 standard rules;Using high torque permanent magnet dc motor with high precision
motivation planetary gear reducer , In order to ensure its high driving accuracy and long service life 。 Stainless steel
material shell , IP68 protection grade, Camera meter set shield, infrared lamp and comprehensive array variable
speed yuntai and multifunctional decoder in one body,In any harsh environment all-weather use;Has the high speed,
reliability and functional;Camera meter random configuration sunshade shade, wiper, and optional spray institutions
and heating components, to ensure that the products can be in many kinds of special environment stable job