Axxon One Intelligent VMS

Axxon One

Axxon One Features

Unlimited ScalabilityIntegrate
unlimited distributed sites (Axxon One domains) and operate them as a single video management system.

AI-Powered Video Analytics
Detect humans/vehicles, fire/smoke, or abnormal behavior/conditions and automatically notify security staff.

Smart Forensic Search
Intelligent technologies to help you find what you need — and faster. Just set your search criteria, and you’ll get the results in seconds.

Video Footage Management
View and sync video in edge storage, use enhanced export features, and mask any static or moving objects in recorded video.

Features and technologies to protect your VMS from unauthorized access, prevent data breaches and disruption of operation.

Axxon One Retail Pack
Comprehensive solution for preventing and investigating shrink, analyzing shopper behavior, and enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

Live Video Mode
Follow objects of interest, show video on a site map, manage video walls, and effectively control extended areas.

Remote Access
Manage independent systems in the same interface. Use the cloud service, advanced web client and mobile apps.

Performance and Resource Optimization
Take full advantage of supported hardware features. Save network bandwidth and server and client CPU resources.
Integration and Automation

Connect your VMS to external devices and systems. Receive and process events. Apply complex system response scenarios

Fault Tolerance and Administration
Administrate large systems with ease, make updating a breeze. Protect your VMS from unauthorized access and rely on its reliability..