VidoNet Long Distance PoE Smart Switch

Solution advantages
Realize all-round 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring and personnel flow records.

Centralized control of video images, convenient for maintenance and management.
Realize network stability and reliability, isolation of management network and guest network.

The star topology structure is adopted to realize the integrated deployment of monitoring and network. The structure is simple and the degree of integration is high, which is conducive to early deployment and later maintenance and system upgrades.

VidoNet PoE switch has 100M access, uplink RJ45 port support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding, and the transmission is smoother.

POE power to the terminal equipment through the network cable, which has high safety and will not be short-circuited, preventing safety accidents caused by line aging.

The use of PoE switches for power not only saves wiring costs, reduces construction time, but also ensures aesthetics.